Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just read an interesting excerpt of Tony Kornheiser's Talking Points for the Washington Post:

"Wouldn't he look good in a Cleveland uniform next to LeBron [James]? A lot of guys don't go in free agency because they can make more money with the Larry Bird rule staying where they are. He's the kind of guy I think would go."

Wow. Now, this is total pie-in-the-sky at this point, but imagine if we could find a way to clear Larry Hughes' salary off the books by then (he made close to 14 million this year--yikes) and make a run at Gilbert. A backcourt of Gilbert, Daniel Hughes, and LeBron? If LeBron could work on his post game and do more work from the elbow like he did on Sunday night, this team would be ridiculous. Gilbert would thrive with a pass-first player like LeBron, and with Gilbert and Gibson bringing the ball up, LeBron would be able to play in the post or catch the ball off screens/picks (which is when he's at the best). Plus, Gilbert can hit the three--something Cleveland sorely needs.

Yeah, this move makes a lot of sense. I really wonder if we can get it done . . . getting rid of Hughes looks even more attractive now. Signing Gilbert would no doubt keep LeBron in town, and would give this team the established second option it sorely needs.

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Ben Q. Rock said...

Gilbert and LeBron together would be pretty great for the Cavs. I doubt there are any takers on Larry Hughes, though.