Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on the Offseason

Before we get to discussing Game Three, I thought I'd fill you in on an interesting email discussion I had with Henry Abbott of TrueHoop. I emailed Henry some questions about the possibility of Gilbert in Cleveland, and here was his response:

"Teams are SO reluctant to get combo guards. Can't imagine Cleveland would go for two at once. And, if they have a way to bring in a big-dollar player, I'd have to think they'd want an athletic big man who can score.

But all that said, it would be pretty wouldn't it? The only question is, who gets the ball with seven seconds left? Not sure Arenas can share."

The euphoria haven worn off, I think Henry is right--Gilbert would be a fun addition to the Cavs but not necessarily a championship-winning addition. What this team really does need is an athletic big man to replace Z, but I worry that we won't be able to do that until after the guy retires.

Henry added later that he thinks every team could use Tayshaun Prince, and that Victor Kryhapa would be a good fit in Cleveland. I agree with him on both counts (Tayshaun did not show his true skills against the Cavs) but think that both are unrealistic targets. Especially with the Cavs winning the East, I can't imagine Chicago or Detroit would want to trade to and potentially strengthen the Cavs. Kryhapa is a free agent next year--maybe we can make a run at him then? Though he is restricted.

Bottom line, I don't think we can make any big moves this offseason (and can't think of any really worth making). I wish we could get Larry Hughes' salary off the books (in addition to Donyell's and Z's.) My new thought is that we should see if we can trade one of those guys for another overpaid player in addition to a draft pick--something the Cavs sorely need. I'll analyze potential trade targets after the season ends.

Thanks to Henry for the discussion.

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