Thursday, June 14, 2007

Out With a Whisper

And so it ends. What a season for the Cavs. 41 games of coasting, 41 games of getting back in the race, a too-close four game sweep, a nice six game series win, an unexpected six game thriller over Detroit . . . and then a truly awful showing against the Spurs.

We knew we weren't going to win, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Still, outstanding job by the Spurs. You can't give this team enough credit. They have an off-the-charts basketball IQ, they play well together, they hit open shots (you hear that, Donyell? Do you hear that?) And they're so good at taking your best shot in stride and then answering back with an uppercut. A deserving champion for this season.

Let's see how the Cavs respond. They have a big offseason in front of them. Need to dump Donyell--if we can get anyone to take him. Need to find an athletic big as LeBron's running mate, or if that's not possible, a great shooter (preferably a point guard). And LeBron needs to work on his midrange game (he had that shot all game and was just really inconsistent with it), his post game (see how good he was the few times he played down there?), and his ballhandling skills (what the hell were those two turnovers late in the game?)

And this team needs to watch this series again and again and again, and watch the Spurs to learn what Basketball IQ is. The Spurs have plenty of it, and that's what separated them from us in this series.

I'll have more tomorrow. I guess for those of you enjoy reading this blog, its good the title drought continues.

Congrats to the Spurs--you deserve it. Danny Ferry, Mike Brown, and LeBron James--the ball's in your court to take this team to the next level. Get moving.

And hell, congrats to the Cavs. I think the Spurs series overshadowed just how amazing this team's run was. People can talk about the easy ride we had all they want, they can talk about how we didn't deserve to be there, they can talk about how the system is broken--but for one great month, the Cavs ruled Cleveland. And I, for one, enjoyed being a Witness.

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Joseph said...

Yes, it's easy to forget that the Cavs had a great postseason because they were swept and embarrassed by the Spurs. Agreed, SA's a great team but I feel like the Cavs could have at least won a few games if their shooters could knock down open shots. This was the difference in games 3 and 4.

Is it OK to say LeBron had a bad series? I know he was the focus of the Spurs D, etc. but he's supposed to be the star.

You talked of bringing in an offensive guru. I'd like to see the CAVS bring in a shooting coach. LeBron's shot is inconsistent from the field and from the line and it's alarming to me how badly the Cavs as a whole were missing open shots this series.

Good luck getting anyone to take Marshall. He's garbage.

All this said, everyone seems to think that the cavs will be back in the finals for years to come, so we shouldn't get too upset over this. I'm not sure I feel this way, you never take things like this for granted, but hopefully this will be a positive learning experience for the team as they move forward next year.